Hedgehogs are very endangered. So we must help them. Here just a few step of how to look after them.

1). Put a dish filled with water out for them.

2). Put some food (cat food, unsalted nuts, mealworms or dog food) in a dish.

3). Then put the food dish in a cardboard tube. This is so that other animals don’t get to it first.

4). Cut a hole in your fence so that the hedgehogs can go through garden to garden.

A few weeks ago me and my family had a hedgehog in our house, because it was running round Paper Mill Lane in circles in broad day light. So me and some of my family put it in a cardboard box, gave it some water, a bed and some water. He made loads of snuffling noises. After a few hours Hedgehog Haven came to collect him. They told us he was a boy.


Random animal facts

Ostriches are capable of running faster horses and a male ostrich can roar like a lion.

If you lift a kangaroo’s tail it wouldn’t be able to jump because they use their tail for balance.

There is only one mammal that can fly that being a bat.

No two tigers or have the same stripes they are all different stripes.

No two zebras have the same stripes they are all different stripes.

Fleas can jump 200 times their height which is equivalent  to a human jumping the height of the Empire State Building.

Elephants can smell water from about 3 miles away.

A humming bird’s wing beat can be up to 80 beats a second that’s 4800 beats a minute.

There are 54 different species of seahorses.

I’m helping animals

I’m doing my part for helping endangered animals. I’ ve adopted a black rhino! On WWF adopt an endangered animal if you to want to adopt an animal on the WWF website  then type in WWF adopt an animal then choose your animal and pay a minimum of three pounds a month. You can also choose if you want a cuddly teddy of your selected  animal. You get stickers and a book mark. If you care about penguins and them trying to catch the fish then adopt penguins. If you care about rhinos and pandas losing their habitat then adopt them now. Did you know that that there are less than 500 rhinos in the wild? Or that pandas can only breed three or four days a year? So go on and adopt an endagererd animal!

Nine lives or not ? Part 2

The phrase 9 lives probably means that they could jump really high building and still be alive so then people thought they must have more than one live to still be alive. But why nine why not 45? And why did Germany say seven why not the same as us? Who first said 9 lives or seven and why did people agree with them and then who did it pass around to EVERYONE? If you think you might know the answer to

any of those  questions or think you do please leave your answer in a comment box. Or if you have any thing else to say please do.




9 Lives or not?Part1

ImageHave you ever heard the saying 9 lives? Or if your German 7 lives? Or any other amount of lives. Well do you believe it or not? I don`t but you might. I wonder if my cat dose if he dose maybe he`s thinking on that picture  “if that window was open and if I fell out would I only have 8 lives left.              My cat is called Sid.


Animal? Stop!!!

A lot of extinct species have something to do with man. Animals are also becoming extinct because of there habitat is getting destroyed like people cutting down trees it`s okay to cut down trees but we shouldn’t cut so many down.  Please adopt an endangered animal by heading to an endangered animal website for instance the WWF website and then choose an animal including rhinos, tigers, snow leopards, penguins, mountain gorillas and more.

Cool Cats

Cats have twenty-four whiskers. They all so have thirty-two muscles in each ear. Most of the time they don`t give up easily like my cat he jumps on the table, try’s   to get our food then gets pushed of the table, go’s  into the utility room,  then repeats the routine again and again and again you probably  get the idea. My other cat won`t give up easily  with getting on my dad`s lap.

Fantastic frogs

Frogs can come in different colours, for example blue and black spots. Tree frogs have longer legs than other frogs so that they can get away quickly from danger. They like warm damp rainforests to live and hide in.